Delve into the Story of Our Founder

Meet Ken McGonigal – an ex-police officer who served his community diligently for 12 years. Simultaneously, Ken dipped his toes into the pool of Information Technology, working part-time for over two decades. Having exchanged his uniform for coding languages, Ken now dedicates his life to enhancing the quality of others’ lives by crafting secure websites and maintaining advanced tech stacks like Nextcloud. You can learn more about his journey on his Linkedin profile.

Unraveling the Thread of the Past

In 1984, Ken was merely a young boy with an enchanting fascination for computers. It was the era of DOS and the Radio Shack TRS80 personal computer that sparked his interest. By October 2018, Ken’s passion had morphed into GentooLink Web Services Inc. But, the narrative runs deeper than the bare facts. Ken envisioned a company that ditched the run-of-the-mill self-serve model, striving instead to offer full-service to its clients.

Imagine the bygone days when gas stations were havens of customer service. You could stay snug in your vehicle while attendants checked your engine oil, tire pressure, filled air if required, and pumped your gas. Ken aspires for GentooLink Web Services to exude this kind of full-service spirit, taking the weight off your shoulders.

As it stands in 2022, GentooLink Web Services is a one-man powerhouse, steered single-handedly by Ken. Looking forward, he has set his sights on expanding the team, bringing on board at least one more developer.

Ken thrives on continuous learning and skill enhancement, an eternal student in every sense. In his downtime, he loves spending quality moments with his family and raising chickens. His favorite movies span from the Matrix Trilogy to Ground Hog Day and the Star Trek Series. His favored TV shows include The Office, The IT Crowd, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Ken operates remotely from his cozy home office, nestled amidst the scenic charm of Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada.

The Tale Behind the Penguin

What prompted Ken to choose the penguin? The Linux logo with its iconic penguin held a special allure for him. More than just symbols, real-life penguins captivated Ken with their unwavering determination and natural knack for goal-achievement. They exemplify loyalty, not only to their families but also to their mates, reflecting a spirit of steadfast commitment Ken greatly admires.

As it happens, ‘Gentoo’ refers to a species of penguin and also, fittingly, a Linux distribution. It’s no surprise then that Linux, being Ken’s favorite computer operating system, and the embodiment of the penguin’s characteristics, influenced the naming of GentooLink Web Services. The penguin in the logo, therefore, is a symbolic nod to both Ken’s admiration for these intrepid creatures and his love for Linux.